Our Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement:

‘Providing people with the belief and opportunity to gain meaningful employment’

Talent Match Staffordshire believes:

  • Each person matters and deserves to be treated respectfully
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to discover their potential and pursue their purpose
  • Our holistic approach makes us different and keeps our focus on the service users as individuals

These are not the only things that Talent Match believes but this is the core from where everything builds.


At our most authentic we…

  • “Shine” – Empowering people to be their best individually and collectively
  • “Develop” – Creatively harnessing skills and talents
  • “Collaborate” –  Being part of a bigger team/family/ community
  • “Celebrate” – Lightness of spirit and epic energy

“Shine” logically becomes the centre point of our logo (the place from which the light emanates)

For YP by YP

“Celebrate” becomes the outer edge which is transmitted into the world!