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TMS Care Leaver- Bobbie

Bobbie is a young Care Leaver from Lichfield who has undergone quite a transformation over the past year. Leaving care is often a big hurdle for Care Leavers as they suddenly lose parts of their support network, and are required to make a fast fluid transition to independent adult living. When TMS started supporting Bobbie,

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TMS Case Study- “The Art of Stanliness”

There are times when all of the development and growth achieved by our beneficiaries through their time and work with TMS comes together to become obvious for everyone to see. This was the case with Andrew Stanworth who went from being so nervous at his first meeting with his TMS Coach that he had to

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Talent Match Staffordshire Case Study – Brad

Brad has had quite the journey with Talent Match Staffordshire. He lives in Lichfield and participated in the Talent Match programme from January 2015 for 18 months. At the start of his Talent Match journey Brad’s main aspiration was to become a gardener. Brad has learning difficulties, however, these have never held him back, right

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Talent Match Staffordshire’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Talent Match Staffordshire celebrated its 5 year success story by holding a 5th Birthday celebration event on March 1st 2019. The event was an opportunity to meet the Charity’s beneficiaries, who have been long term NEET (not in employment, education or training) and have gone on to achieve paid employment, and a range of other

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Talent Match Staffordshire Case Study – Rhianne

Rhianne Bagley is a young person from Burntwood, Lichfield, who started the Talent Match Staffordshire programme almost 18 months ago on 18/07/17. At the start of the programme Rhianne identified her main barriers as low self-confidence and anxiety. Rhianne’s Talent Coach is Richard Williams, and within their initial sessions he went straight to work in

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Talent Match Case Study – Caitlin

Upon starting her 18 month  journey with her Talent Coach, Caitlin identified her main barrier as confidence. Since that time Caitlin has gone on to attend trips to Barmouth and the Snowdome as well as training courses such as “iCookIndian”, “Future You” and “Confidence Building” with Steps to Work. The “Confidence Building” course in particular

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Talent Match Conference and Awards Ceremony Highlights 2018!

Click above to view our fantastic video showcasing the highlights of the 2018 Talent Match Staffordshire Conference and Awards Ceremony 2018 at Whitemoor Lakes!

Talent Match Conference and Awards Ceremony 2018

Golden Curly Wurly awards and an 80 piece Kazoo orchestra hit Whitemoor Lakes! As Talent Match Staffordshire celebrated another fantastic year with flare and pizzazz! We at Talent Match Staffordshire held our Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony in November at White Moor Lakes. The event was chock full of awards for our graduate beneficiaries in

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Talent Match are back after a well-deserved rest and are looking forward to an amazing 2018. We’ve got new staff starting, a new job club in the making, careers fairs to plan and, as if that wasn’t enough, a conference to pull together. All of which is on top of the regular job of supporting

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