The Autism Employment Gap

The National Autistic Society (NAS) has released a report called “The Autism Employment Gap”.

You can download the report here: NAS TMI Employment Report 24pp WEB

Here is a quick snap shot of some of the headlines to come out of the report:


In Talent Match Staffordshire:

35% of our beneficiaries have a disability.

20% have a disability that limits their activities.

29% have experienced mental ill health.

(These figures were collected at the end of September 2016)

Employment won’t be right for all autistic people. But 77% of unemployed autistic adults, or people responding on their behalf, told the NAS they want to work.

The Government has committed to halving the ‘disability employment gap’. NAS’ fear is that without a better understanding of autism from both employers and the Government, autistic adults will continue to be left behind, their abilities overlooked.

The report sets out what the Government needs to do and how employers can play their role in finally tackling the autism employment gap.

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