Carers Allowance Digital Service (CADS)

Many partner organisations Carer’s Allowance Digital Service (CADS) across Mercia District are promoting the Carer’s Allowance Digital Service and supporting carers to make claims and report changes of circumstances on-line.  To date over 266,000 carers have used the service to claim Carer’s Allowance and 39,000 have reported changes. The service has received excellent feedback and the customer satisfaction rate is consistently around 90%.

You can access the CAD on-line service via the below link. The information note explains the benefits of the service and how to claim.  If you would like more information about the service please contact either Claire Parry on: 07919 112359 or Michael Harris on: 07867 143260

Carers Allowance Digital Service

[source: Mercia Partnership]


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