Case Studies from people who have been there and shone through!

caseStudiesAt Talent Match Staffordshire we understand the frustrations that young people are facing in their journey to find a job. The young people we speak to have challenges and situations they face which are unique to them. That’s why Talent Match Staffordshire firmly believe in having ‘a person centred approach’. That means that we tailor our services to suit you! We know that really, one size doesn’t fit all and there are many different ideas and opportunities available that can make your path to employment, the right path.

So today it’s our job to inspire you by sharing some experiences of young people who have received personalised support from Talent Match Staffordshire and have been able to overcome their challenges. Below is a list of case studies that will prove to you – that you can achieve your goals.

Read our case studies:

Talent Match Case Study – Caitlin

Upon starting her 18 month  journey with her Talent Coach, Caitlin identified her main barrier as confidence. Since that time Caitlin has gone on to attend trips to Barmouth and the Snowdome as well as training courses such as “iCookIndian”, “Future You” and “Confidence Building” with Steps to Work. The “Confidence Building” course in particular

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Case Study – Alex at Florette

Alex’s case study with Florette Florette is a local employer specialising in bagged salads that are sold all over the UK. A large operation such as this requires a skilled and flexible admin team who oversee all aspects of the business. Alex was welcomed to be a part of this team (not once, but twice)

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Case Study – Ryan at B&M

Ryan’s case study with B&M In the video above you will get to see a case study of successful engagement with the Talent Match project. Both Ryan and B&M engaged fantastically and the result has been paid employment for Ryan and a good employee for B&M. One of the cornerstones of the Talent Match approach

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Talent Match Video Case Study – Robert

    Transcript “Hi, I’m Rob and today I’m going to talk about my journey with Talent Match. So Talent Match is a lottery funded project led by young people who want to help other young people find work experience based on their interests. This can lead to paid employment. I first heard about Talent

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Robin developed a great CV and covering letter

Robin’s self-esteem and confidence greatly suffered because he was constantly getting turned down for work. After seeing an advert in their local volunteer centre to become a Youth Action Team member at Talent Match Staffordshire, Robin decided it would be a good opportunity to try. After contacting the Talent Match Staffordshire Co-ordinator, Robin was invited

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Talent Match Case Study – Aron.

Aron was a high achiever at school, good qualifications at college and part time work – this young person’s prospects started well. However things took a turn for the worst as they began to suffer from an illness and found themselves unemployed. Lacking confidence and unsure of what do, Aron contacted Talent Match Staffordshire who

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Talent Match Case Study – Becca

A local Job Centre recommended Becca found out more about Talent Match Staffordshire. Becca really wanted to find a job and had just been through the Job Centre work programme. Straight after Becca had been told about Talent Match Staffordshire she walked down to their local office and met up with the Talent Match Co-ordinator.

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