Case Study – Alex at Florette

Alex’s case study with Florette

Florette is a local employer specialising in bagged salads that are sold all over the UK. A large operation such as this requires a skilled and flexible admin team who oversee all aspects of the business. Alex was welcomed to be a part of this team (not once, but twice) to help them update their paper files to an electronic format. This experience has been an invaluable part of Alex’s training to enter the world of work. Florette made him feel like part of the team and guided him through the fairly daunting world of office work. His case study highlights how positive and beneficial this process can be.

With more employers willing to take part, as Florette has, there’s no end to the good that can be done for people looking to gain practical experience which will help them get into work.

Work experience can also give the employer and excellent opportunity to find their future work force. To train someone in the way they want them to operate and to foster employee loyalty by taking the time to give them a chance.  It can all start with a few weeks work experience.


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