Talent Match Mark

Talent Match Mark

Inspiring a future workforce


The Talent Match Mark recognises and celebrates outstanding employers that support young people throughout their journey to work – encouraging and providing them with opportunities to explore and experience work as well as creating opportunities for employment.


The Talent Match Mark was launched by Talent Match and Youth Employment UK in 2017, with funding from the Big Lottery Fund. The Mark draws on the principles of youth friendly employment created in 2012 by Youth Employment UK and uses the learning from the 21 Talent Match regions. The Talent Match Mark is underpinned by a comprehensive framework which has been externally assessed by Goldsmith University of London.

Having spoken to employers across the country, it was clear that they were keen to offer young people opportunities to develop their skills, however many did not have a solid framework of providing pre-employment support. Equally, young people were unaware of which employers had good youth employment practices. With 2017 being the year of significant youth employment support reform, the Talent Match Mark is committed to helping employers and young people connect better together.

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You can find more information on the official Talent Match Mark website: HERE



Youth Employment uk

Youth Employment UK is a not-for-profit membership organisation working hard to tackle youth unemployment and underemployment in the UK.

Providing a free Young Professional Membership to all 14-24 year olds, which helps to develop the skills that they need to progress and recognises them for their commitment to their own development. With a growing network of over 15,000 Young Professional Members. Youth Employment UK also supports more than 350 organisation members with best practice expertise to engaging, recruiting, supporting and retaining young people. Youth Employment UK represents its members at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment and across work with DfE, DWP and the Cabinet Office. 

For more information about Youth Employment UK you can visit their homepage: YEUK


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