Future You for Care Leavers

The Future You programme is a tried and tested development programme that has achieved successful outcomes with young people aged 18-24

TMS’s Future You for Care Leavers is a fun, engaging, team based learning opportunity for Care Leavers, aged 16-25 to grow and develop their skills and awareness around many of modern life’s every day challenges.

TMS’s mission is to provide additional intensive support services to the existing statutory provisions for Care Leavers currently being delivered by Staffordshire County Council.

Facilitated by TMS, who have 5 years of experience supporting young people within this age group, we bring our learning expertise to the project, to make learning more enjoyable and accessible for those Care Leavers in need of additional practical and emotional support.

The programme is delivered over a period of 7 weeks, and includes a number of local partner organisations, which have in the past included the Citizens Advice Bureau, Barclays Bank, Central England Co-operative, NHS Sexual Health and Ace Drug Training, drawing on their expertise for a series of interactive workshops.

The sessions provide plenty of scope for skills development and learning opportunities, covering topics such as:

Data from previous Future You programmes has demonstrated that, as a result of their engagement, participants have gained enhanced understanding and skills across a range of subjects and are better equipped to deal with a range of situations and scenarios.

For example, as a result of the shopping and budgeting sessions, participants have enhanced knowledge of income and expenditure, know how to shop and plan meals on a budget; including how to compare prices to ensure value for money. These are all essential life skills for Care Leavers moving towards employment and independent living.

For more information on the degree of support we can provide Care Leavers, click here to view a Case Study of one of our super-star Care Leaver beneficiaries currently engaged on our 2019 Future You programme, Bobbie.



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