Future You

The Future You programme is a tried and tested development programme that has achieved successful outcomes with young people

The Future You Programme was developed by Talent Match Staffordshire in response to those beneficiaries exhibiting higher support needs. The Programme provides opportunities to develop confidence, team building and general life and employability skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Sessions covered a range of topics including an introductory Getting to Know You session, followed by Sexual Health, Food Shopping, Journey to a Job, Benefits and Budgeting and Drugs and Alcohol awareness, providing plenty of scope for skills development and learning opportunities.

As a result of their engagement, participants have gained enhanced understanding and skills across a range of subjects and are better equipped to deal with a range of situations and scenarios. For example, as a result of the shopping and budgeting sessions, participants have enhanced knowledge of income and expenditure, how to shop and plan meals on a budget; including how to compare prices to ensure value for money.  All essential life skills for anyone moving towards employment and independent living.

The culmination of the 6 workshops was an activity day at Chase Aqua Rural Enterprise which included a morning of volunteer gardening followed by a choice of woodwork, animal grooming or fire building in the afternoon; the animal grooming proving to be particularly popular.

In addition there have also been a number of unexpected benefits, including the development of friendships and support networks through participation and working together as a group, which have continued beyond the sessions and have helped reduce social isolation. Individuals have also gained awareness that they are not alone with challenges and barriers to progression.

Don’t just take our word for it! Click here to view a Case Study of Andrew Stanworth, a shining example of the outcomes that TMS and Future You can help young people to achieve.

In 2019 TMS has developed the Future You programme into two new projects that will support young people to develop skills for life, to learn more click the images below:







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