Talent Match are back after a well-deserved rest and are looking forward to an amazing 2018. We’ve got new staff starting, a new job club in the making, careers fairs to plan and, as if that wasn’t enough, a conference to pull together. All of which is on top of the regular job of supporting 18-24yr olds in to employment, education and apprenticeships.


2017 saw some great things happen but we’re confident that we can make 2018 even better.
award ceremony team photo
Jo, Jason, Amy, Amanda, Heather, Jessica, Hannah, Richard and Britt at our Awards Ceremony


So what were some of our fondest memories of 2017?


Young adults into employment: We beat our target of getting 25 young adults into employment, actually supporting 27 beneficiaries into work, which means that those people are now earning money and starting to make a difference in their lives. Some of them wanted to save so they could get a place of their own or buy a car so that they can look for better work. Others wanted to be able to support their family with the bills and contribute to the running of a household. Still others wanted to be able to have a holiday away, in some cases for the first time in their lives. Whatever the reasons, they are now working towards making those dreams become a reality and we’re proud of all of them.


Careers Fairs: Through our work as Chair of the Into Work Groups, collaborating with organisations throughout Lichfield and Cannock Districts, Talent Match was instrumental in putting together a careers fair in both areas, one based at Lichfield Library and the another at Cannock Civic Centre. Both events were incredibly successful with a great turn out and a wonderful atmosphere designed to make members of the public feel welcome. We can’t thank enough the people who helped make these successes possible.
Cannock Careers Fair 2017


Future You: 2017 saw the launch of the Future You sessions, organised by Talent Match, which are designed to improve skills and confidence. This involved a lot of collaborative work with other organisations and proved to be extremely useful and popular with our beneficiaries who all took a big step on their way to employability.


Talent Match Meet-up in Cornwall: 2017 saw the second big meeting of the Talent Match project, this time all the way down in Cornwall for a three day residential for staff and beneficiaries. This was an incredible opportunity to see how other projects operate and to share best practices, as well as a chance for several of our beneficiaries to see a beautiful part of the country. There were lots of activities arranged and we could only pick a few but we learned about team building using woodland skills, an amazing project set up by local teenagers to help young people find summer work during the busy tourist season, and learned a lot about the challenges facing people trying to get into work there. We also had fascinating seminars on the future of employment including the idea of Universal Basic Income, an idea that is starting to be discussed more and more.
Richard Hard at Work


All the fun activities!  Talent Match is known for being up for anything and we had a great year getting involved in some of the crazy shenanigans going on in our areas, including
Entering the Hair and Tortoise auction at the Lichfield Festival









Lichfield Pancake race (dressed as superheroes)









The Barmouth Trip
So all in all, 2017 was a very busy year.  2018 has a lot to live up to but we look forward to giving it our best shot.


Happy New Year everyone!





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