How To Write A Great Blog

How To Write A Great Blog

It isn’t rocket science to create a great blog! you just need solid foundations!!



  • A catchy title, something that stands out
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  • Visually pleasing, we all like seeing picturesRubiks_revenge_solved
  • Layout; spread it out, no one wants to see a big block of text
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  • Keep it short, According to this Chartbeat graph below, many visitors to your site won’t bother scrolling, and most visitors won’t read more than 60% of your blog
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  • Know what blogger you want to be 
  • Parenting: One of the most popular blogging areas, this niche continues to grow by leaps and bounds and includes both mom and dad bloggers writing about everything from life as a parent to the latest and greatest products for kids.
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  • Technology: Technology blogging is a huge niche — a bit of an oxymoron — because, quite simply, people turn to online sources to learn about the latest technology. Not hindered by publication dates and deadlines as print sources are, technology bloggers are on the cusp of breaking technology news, always able to provide their readers with the latest and greatest.
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  • News: Do you have an eye for news and an interest in sharing that news in a unique and fascinating way? Although you certainly don’t want to just regurgitate the same material out there on every news site, you may want to share the latest information about a specific topic or even report the news through a comedic filter.“source Blog For Dummies”

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If your still not sure about blogging, here’s 15 reasons why you should start!! 15 reasons why to blog

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