Job Opportunity at Swinfen Prison Crèche

New Job Opportunity with HALOW (Birmingham)

Support/ Children’s Worker

Job description


 JOB TITLE: Support/ Children’s Worker – 6 month temporary contract

 LOCATION: HMYOI SWINFEN HALL – VISITORS’ CENTRE, The Drive, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9QS

 SALARY GRADING: Your salary will be £15,600per annum (37.5 hours/ week),

pro rata for part-time (£8.00/hour)

 HOURS: Post holder will be required to work weekends for 9 hours/ week. 

Overtime may be required during the week on an as and when basis which

could include Bank holiday working.

 RESPONSIBLE TO: HALOW (Birmingham) Management Committee

 1.1      The Centre provides a welcoming place where the families and friends of prisoners can spend time before and after their visits to the prison. The Centre offers a range of facilities including a comfortable place to wait, toilets, baby changing facilities and lockers.

 1.2      The security requirements of the prison require all visitors to undergo certain security procedures.  This will be the responsibility of prison staff.

 1.3      Many people who visit prisons are bewildered by their contact with the prison system and the imprisonment of a family member can lead to difficulties in other aspects of family life as well. The families of prisoners often report financial and housing problems, isolation, stigmatisation, health difficulties and behavioural problems with children. The Centre provides information to visitors and offers them the opportunity to discuss the difficulties they face in confidence. The Centre is run by HALOW (Birmingham) in partnership with HMYOI Swinfen Hall.

 1.4      Visits take place throughout the week. The exact hours are changed from time to time as required by the prison. The Support/ Children’s Worker will participate in training and will be required to work within a staff rota system including some weekend and Bank Holidays and evening work including Bank Holidays.

 2.        JOB PURPOSE

 2.1      To provide structured and semi-structured activities for children and young people between the ages of 0 to 16.  It offers a nurturing environment and support to families.

 2.2      To assist with undertaking all the tasks necessary for the day-to-day running of the Centre and to contribute to its development.


            The Support/ Children’s worker will liaise with the Manager or Deputy Manager.

Run structured, stimulating and engaging activities for children and young people, focusing on providing positive outcomes and enjoyment which raise aspirations and lessen the stress of visiting.

Create a pleasant and welcoming environment at the Centre in which to meet & greet visitors. 

  1. Provide a ‘listening ear’ to prisoners’ families and friends and display empathy.
  1. Provide information about the prison.
  1. If applicable, provide information about the Assisted Prison Visits Scheme and establish that visiting arrangements are accessible to visitors.
  1. Provide child friendly information.
  1. Ascertain the needs of children through engagement with the parents and observation of the children.
  1. Offer support and advice to parents/ carers on children’s and young peoples needs and problems.
  1. Liaise with the centre staff to ensure parents/carers receive information and advice if needed, on sources of support to help with any problems children may be experiencing.
  1. Assist and help to lead Family Days.
  1. Help with the maintenance of equipment and materials and maintaining a resource bank with these materials, toys and equipment for various ages.
  1. Ensure that the Centre is staffed by a sufficient number of staff and volunteers and to co-ordinate and maintain a rota to that end.
  1. Ensure that the Centre is staffed by a sufficient number of staff and volunteers and to co-ordinate and maintain a rota to that end.
  1. Attend regular meetings of volunteers as and when required
  1. Maintain good working relationships with prison staff at all levels.
  1. Attend regular meetings with the prison as and when required.
  1. Assist with the collection of statistical information and maintain appropriate records.
  1. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions provided.
  1. Help with ascertaining the needs of visitors through the use of questionnaires, forums etc.
  1. Help establish relationships and communicate effectively with other agencies as appropriate.
  1. Offer support, advice and good quality information on a one to one basis and ensure referrals to appropriate agencies can be made where requested.
  1. Help maintain an up-to-date information service which covers a wide range of visitors’ needs for example: welfare, housing, benefits etc.
  1. Help to signpost visitors to external agencies as and when appropriate and take responsibility for displaying information.
  1. Help maintain a complaints procedure.
  1. Assist the Centre Manager/ Deputy in maintaining the security of the Centre and ensuring that proper Fire and Health & Safety regulations are observed.
  1. Adhere to all HALOW (Birmingham) and prison policies & procedures which will include: Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Child Protection, Vulnerable Adult Protection, Health & Safety and Security.
  1. Participate in staff meetings, training and supervision.
  1. Participate in formally agreed discipline and grievance procedures.
  1. Attend such training as may from time to time be necessary to carry out the tasks required.
  1. Undertake, from time to time, other reasonable duties appropriate to the post as considered necessary by the Management Committee.
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