OK, so this is a bit of an old one but it still makes me chuckle. And you know what? Maybe he’s actually on to something. So, you heard the man, “JUST DO IT!”

In all seriousness though, sometimes the only reason we don’t succeed is because we don’t try. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of failure or we tell ourselves it’s a stupid idea or maybe because someone else tells us it’s a stupid idea.

Case in point, when I was back in school doing my A-levels, I decided I wanted an adult sized baby suit (back then I didn’t know they were called onesies) and that therefore other people would probably want one too. I just fancied the idea of a snug outfit that was easy to put on. I was so keen on the idea that I figured I could make a business out of it because surely people would want one as much as I did. I was told by my classmates that I was an idiot and that nobody would ever buy such a thing. The wisdom of crowds is not always to be trusted.

OK, so I’m not saying that I’d be a onesie baron with a fleet of fast cars by now if I’d tried building my onesie empire but what I would have proved is that my mates were wrong and that you can, in fact, make money selling adult size baby outfits (call them a onesie if that makes you feel better but that’s what they are).

It also proves the old advice, mentioned above, that ‘if you want it, someone else will too’. Countless are the number of businesses that have sprung up based in this simple fact.

So what do I hope you’ll take away from this? Try. Try, try and try again. Don’t wait for life to happen to you, make it happen for you.

If you want that job but don’t think you have what it takes then apply anyway, maybe there’s something about you that’s even better than what they’re looking for. Got an idea for a business? Look up a business plan template online (here’s a free one off the government website), fill it out and see where it takes you.

Don’t just dream, DO IT!*

*(poses and a green screen optional)

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