Lichfield Festival 2017

Harey Potter

Earlier this month, Talent Match Staffordshire teamed up with a couple of their young people to create a Hare for the Lichfield Festival 2017.

Harey Potter is getting ready for his big trip.

After giving it some thought, together they came up with “Harey Potter”, now it’s time to transform this little guy into a magical hare!

Talent Match’s Apprentice giving Harey Potter the eye!
Everyone working super hard to get Harey Potter painted in time.
The final product!

Hare and Tortoise Trail

Once Harey Potter was fully painted, it was time for him to be sent off to be varnished before he was placed somewhere in Lichfield for the Hare and Tortoise Trail! Where could he be hiding?


Harey Potter sits comfortably placed at little Green Frog Café.

Hare & Tortoise Auction

Now  it’s time for the real magic to happen! The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Harey Potter was placed in the auction as number 30!

How much will Harey Potter be bid on?!

After a long successful day, Harey Potter raised £420! Although we will miss Harey, we are happy he is now in a happy home!

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