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This is an excellent service!

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The Money Advice service provided by People Plus.

This is an excellent service!
The Money Advise Service can help with budget planning  and benefits advice as well as, helping to access grants for household items and more.

An Overview of Our Service

What we do?
Our Money Advisers provide information and guidance on a range
of money topics such as:

  • Budgeting & Managing your Money,
  • Savings and Investment,
  • Credit and borrowing (including Mortgages),
  • Pensions and retirement,
  • Tax Welfare Benefits (including potential entitlements and implications of the introduction of Universal Credit)
  • Insurances and other money related

Specifically when anticipating life stage situations such as,

  • Managing your money,
  • Starting a job (including self-employment and apprenticeship)
  • Money while studying
  • Redundancy, Retirement, Dealing with debts.
  • Setting up home

We don’t use Jargon or complex technical terms and is completely sales free, confidential and non judgemental. We do not recommend products or providers, however, we do provide the customer with information and guidance so that they can make an informed decision and point them in the right direction.

What does it cost?
Our service is provided free of charge to the customer, and free of charge to the organisation booking the sessions.

What we cannot do.
We are unable to carry out ‘advocacy work’ for our customers (we cannot fill in forms or send out letters) due to the constraints of the service; however, we will ensure that customers know what they need to do next.

Who can use the service?
The Money Advice Service is available to anyone aged 16 and over (an adult is required to be present for anyone aged 16 -17).

The service is used widely by Training Providers, Employers, Local Authorities, Advice centres, Charities, Welfare to work organisations, NHS, Colleges, Housing associations, Prisons & Probation offices, JCPs and Food Banks as well as many commercial and not-for-profit companies.

 What does a typical session look like?
A  Money Advice session will run for between 35 – 45 minutes, we explain who we are and what we can and cannot do, we ask the customer some questions to get a good picture of their money situation, we listen and summarise to make sure that we have the right facts and then we’ll agree the next steps that the customer needs to take to move forward – the adviser and customer put together an  ‘Action Plan’ which they take away with them.

What we need from you?
The Service is in high demand and we have limited resources in terms of available advisers. If you want to utilise our service we ask 2 things. We need a private room/area to discuss the customer’s situation and we need to see a minimum of 6 people a day to sustain our attendance.

We prefer to have booked appointments to ensure our numbers but will consider combining with ‘drop in’ appointments provided we can see at least 6 customers when we visit.

What is the aim of the service?
To help people be better informed about money, so they can be aware of their situation and their options for action.  This will help them to make better financial decisions.

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