Meet the Team!

The Talent Match Staffordshire team are keen to introduce themselves to you and show you just how committed they are to making each and every young person’s goal a success. Below you will find a brief profile of each staff member and their role within Talent Match Staffordshire.

Amanda Bailey (Chief Executive Officer)


Role: Amanda’s role is to oversee and manage the Charity linking to the Board of Trustees. This includes management of the team and the service provided, as well as developing strategies to engage well with young people, employers and partner organisations.

Often found: In meetings discussing innovative new practice.

Favourite phrase: “This is definitely a curlywurly© moment.”

Jason Wright (Team Leader)

Role: Jason’s role is to support the Talent Match Coaches in their work with young people, including managing referrals and caseloads. He also develops new partnerships with local agencies and organisations to ensure Talent Match Staffordshire is well promoted across the area.

Often found: Reminiscing about days gone by when he had a full head of hair.

Favourite phrase: “Anyone for a cup of tea?”

Andy Millington (Project Officer- Monitoring & Evaluation)

Andy’s role is to support the day to day management of the project providing evaluation of activity and monitoring financial performance.

Often Found: Stuck in an Excel spreadsheet.

Favourite Phrase – “Can I get back to you on that?”

Joanne Hirons (Office Manager)


Role:  Responsible for the smooth running of the office, Joanne undertakes a wide range of administrative tasks, including HR and Finance,  for the Talent Match Project.

Often found: Using her ‘x-ray vision’ to proof read and amend documents.

Favourite phrase: “Treat others as you would want them to treat you.”

Richard Williams (Employment Coach)


Role: Richard has swapped from his Employer Engagement role to now work with the service users, helping them to find employment and overcome their barriers to work. He also works on the website, is involved with planning future projects and organises events from time to time.

Often found: Surrounded by paperwork.

Favourite phrase: “Awesome Sauce.”

Hannah Bull (Employment Coach)

Role: Hannah supports our young people to achieve their goals and aspirations! Once needs and barriers are identified she pairs our young people up with a like minded peer mentor to continue their journey!

Often found: With a cup of coffee in my hand browsing the Talent Match social media pages.

Favourite phrase: “Living the dream!”

Howard Corns (Employment Coach)

Role: Providing one to one employability support for young people, always looking to find new and creative solutions that come to him. Howard runs the Cannock Into Work Networking Group which provides an information sharing event for local services.

Often found: Day dreaming about his next meal.

Favourite phrase: “BOOOMMM!!!”