Meet the Team!

The Talent Match Staffordshire team are keen to introduce themselves to you and show you just how committed they are to making each and every young person’s goal a success. Below you will find a brief profile of each staff member and their role within Talent Match Staffordshire.

Amanda Newbold (Project Manager)


Amanda’s role is to manage the delivery of the Talent Match project in Staffordshire. This includes management of the team and the service provided, as well as developing strategies to engage well with young people, employers and partner organisations.
Often found: In meetings with exciting new delivery partners
Favourite phrase: “This is definitely a curlywurly© moment”

Richard Williams (Employer Engagement Officer)


Richard is responsible for contacting employers to find suitable places for work experience and paid employment.
He also works on the website, is involved with planning future projects and organises events from time to time.
Often found: surrounded by paperwork
Favourite phrase: “Awesome Sauce”

Joanne Hirons (Administrator)


Joanne’s role is to provide administrative support to the Project Manager and to complete a wide range of administrative tasks for the Talent Match Project.
Often found: Using her ‘x-ray vision’ to proof read and amend documents
Favourite phrase: “Treat others as you would want them to treat you”


Amy Preece (Employment Coach)


Role: Like Emily, Amy also recruits Youth Action Team volunteers and Peer Mentors. Amy provides young people with the support they need to access the Talent Match services and matches them with a like-minded Peer Mentor. Amy promotes the project through events and meetings with referral agencies.
Often found: Removing circus equipment from her car and filling it with Talent Match goodies
Favourite phrase: “Just keeping swimming”

Jess Kassam (Employment Coach)


Role: Jess supports young people to be part of Talent Match by helping them understand their needs and then pairing them with a dedicated Peer Mentor. Jess recruits volunteers for the Youth Action Team and volunteer Peer Mentors. Jess works together with the local agencies to support young people into employment through Talent Match.
Often found: Geeking out by writing colour co-ordinated lists
Favourite phrase: “But first, we are going to need more coffee”

Britta Bates (Employment Coach)

Role: As a Talent Match Coach , I  support young people into employment, sometimes through training, further education and/or volunteering by recognising their individual needs and barriers and  helping them to see their own potential. Part of this includes liaising with other support groups and matching the young person with a peer mentor to help them on their journey.
Often found: With a quizzical look on my face!!!                OR     Squinting at my work phone!!
Favourite phrase: I tried to be normal once, it was the worst 2 minutes ever!

Hannah Bull (Employment Coach)

Role: Hannah supports our young people to achieve their goals and aspirations! Once needs and barriers are identified she pairs our young people up with a like minded peer mentor to continue their journey!

Often Found: With a cup of coffee in my hand browsing the Talent Match social media pages.

Favourite Phrase: “Living the dream!”