Post Conference Round-up


Last week saw the first Talent Match Staffordshire conference (you might have heard us mentioning it from time to time). Over 90 people attended the conference and everyone commented on what a fantastic atmosphere there was over the event.


For the staff, however, this was just the culmination of a long build up to what is (so far) our biggest event yet. For the last two months we’ve been planning, altering, confirming, booking and  begging in order to bring together all of the elements that are necessary for a conference. Everything from the venue (fairly high on the list of priorities) to making sure we have balloons and helium. The invite list alone went through half a dozen iterations and ended up being made of three parts. And that was just for sending the invite out! When people actually started to book their places it created a whole new level of data storing and organising.

Thankfully there was a great team on hand coming up with great ideas and then being able to bring them together.

Amy and Emily demonstrating their banner holding technique


There was so much to get ready on the day that the team went down the night before to start getting things ready. This would have ideally been followed by a swift half down the pup but the ‘flying visit’ to Whitemoor Lakes the night before ended up lasting past 10pm and we figured that it might be best if we got an early night.

Jess and Amanda (AKA the boss) getting the name badges prepared.
Amanda demonstrating the roll-out red carpet with flashing lights to Jo and Timon. We didn’t end up using the carpet but still… pretty.

On the day itself things went about as smoothly as could ever be hoped. Aside from one of the videos deciding it didn’t know how to play roughly 1hr before kick-off. And the lunch time changing from 1pm to 12pm because of an oversight in booking. And one of the guest speakers not being able to turn up. Yup… pretty much as smoothly as could be hoped. All of these problems were thankfully sorted and I have to say a massive thank you to Whitemoor Lakes and the Talent Match staff for making sure things got back on track.

Rob, our film and media guru for the day, who also made the intro video for the conference.

One of the highlights of the day was a social media exercise where attendees got into groups to create a business idea for an empty shop in the hight street. After half an hour planning the teams each presented their business idea to the conference


Interestingly there was a strong element in bringing communities together across all of the business plans focusing on social inclusion, promoting health and appealing to people’s fun side rather than necessities. Perhaps this is a reflection on a society where most daily needs are met by supermarkets so the town centre needs focus on a good day out shopping experience? All I know is that a lot of people commented on what a good activity it was and how inspired they were by the ideas that came out of it.

There was so much going on that even lunch time wasn’t safe

The flash mob begins



It was such a good day and Talent Match want to say a massive thank you to everyone that made it happen and joined in the fun.

Our lovely awards; The Talent Match Star and the Golden Curly Wurly (Made with real Curly Wurly!)
The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon.



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