Robin developed a great CV and covering letter

Robin’s self-esteem and confidence greatly suffered because he was constantly getting turned down for work. After seeing an advert in their local volunteer centre to become a Youth Action Team member at Talent Match Staffordshire, Robin decided it would be a good opportunity to try.

After contacting the Talent Match Staffordshire Co-ordinator, Robin was invited to attend a Youth Action Team meeting. Despite being a bit nervous meeting new people, Robin came along and after chatting with others soon realised that many other young people felt the same about their struggles with finding work.

The Youth Action Team meetings allowed Robin to learn new skills, such as how to chair a meeting, giving opinions on new ideas and before he knew it, Robin gained had a huge list of transferrable skills for his CV and experience in a business environment.

Working with their Peer Mentor, Robin developed a great CV and covering letter which was sent out to potential employers. In the meantime, Talent Match Staffordshire arranged for Robin to undertake free training on interview techniques, and how to sell the skills he had.

After securing employment at a local business, Robin thanked Talent Match Staffordshire for fully preparing him to get work and build his self-esteem.

“I didn’t think I’d ever get a job, now I feel on top of the world!”


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