Talent Match apprentices?

(From left to right) Rico, Chloe, and Hannah taking part in the Elephant parade as part of the Lichfield festival.

Exciting news for the Talent Match team this month, as they have recently took on 3 shiny new apprentices! Each apprentice will be based in one of the three areas. There will be Chloe based in Lichfield, Hannah based in Cannock, and Rico based in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Each apprentice will be working under their local project co-ordinator to help deliver an effective support program for unemployed youth.

“We are so excited to have new apprentices on board, they are a great addition to the team, we look forward to helping them develop skills to move forward on their chosen career path” – Emily Douce, Lichfield Talent Match Co-ordinator

The team is delighted to have the apprentices on board and cannot wait for them to settle into the team and offer their fresh new perspectives and ideas. The apprentices themselves are all very excited to get started on their Talent match journey and will do their very best to help the youth furthest from work to get into long term employment.

The apprentices took part in the elephant parade in the Lichfield festival at the start of the month, parading the elephant that young people had helped to create for the public to see before it was to be auctioned off. Talent match also appeared at the Into Work Convention 2015 in London with the apprentices on the 14th. One apprentice in particular had something very special prepared for this presentation. He performed spoken poetry about his journey which was very well received by the audience. They also spoke about how they tackle youth unemployment by offering tailored support for their benefactors by matching them with a dedicated peer mentor who will help them remove barriers through support services, experience though volunteering opportunities, work placements and more!

“Talent Match Staffordshire has helped me more in 30 minutes than other agencies have done in 2 years” – Young Person, Lichfield District


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