Talent Match Case Study – Aron.

Aron was a high achiever at school, good qualifications at college and part time work – this young person’s prospects started well. However things took a turn for the worst as they began to suffer from an illness and found themselves unemployed.

Lacking confidence and unsure of what do, Aron contacted Talent Match Staffordshire who were keen to help. After some friendly discussions, Aron realised that what he really wanted to do was help others in the same situation. So he signed up to be a Peer Mentor and Talent Match Staffordshire provided him with free training to gain a Level 2 Certification in Mentoring.

Talent Match then identified a suitable work placement to help the Aron build confidence and experience. Not only did Aron see their confidence grow each day, but so did his employer who offered them a part time paid position. This part time position helped Aron to pursue a college course which would put them on the road to the career of their choice.

Now Aron mentors others and helps to show them, that they too can accomplish their goals with the support of Talent Match Staffordshire.


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