Talent Match Case Study – Becca

A local Job Centre recommended Becca found out more about Talent Match Staffordshire. Becca really wanted to find a job and had just been through the Job Centre work programme. Straight after Becca had been told about Talent Match Staffordshire she walked down to their local office and met up with the Talent Match Co-ordinator.

After a brief chat with Becca, the co-ordinator knew that they were happy to do any kind of work; however Becca’s real passion was to work with animals. Despite being unemployed for 3 years, Becca had not received support in producing a CV. So the co-ordinator and young person set to work creating a CV which was sent to a local animal shelter. Upon receiving the CV, Becca was invited to begin a work placement within just a few days.

Becca was successful with securing the placement and was able to get the work experience they always wanted. A Peer Mentor was matched with Becca to help give her any support she needed to maintain that placement.


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