Talent Match Video Case Study – Robert




“Hi, I’m Rob and today I’m going to talk about my journey with Talent Match.

So Talent Match is a lottery funded project led by young people who want to help other young people find work experience based on their interests. This can lead to paid employment.

I first heard about Talent Match in November 2014. Talent Match attend a lot of events and visit a lot of local companies, one of which my dad works at. My dad was very impressed with what Talent Match had to offer and he then recommended them to me and I was like ‘Yeah, sure, why not meet these people’.

I then got in touch with Amanda from Talent Match and we agreed to meet at the local Frankie & Benny’s so I could hear more about Talent Match and what they have to offer. She then invited me to go on a zip-wiring trip with Talent Match and become part of their media team, which sounded like a lot of fun.

Since then my journey with Talent Match has been very positive and they have included me in many events and trips such as zip-wiring, a pancake race, and even attending a couple of conferences. I have been a big part of their media team and produced some work for them included a short zip-wiring video which was used at their conference (as well as being the main photographer and cameraman for that conference).

In April I was even invited to the Youth Employment Summit in London to represent Talent Match as part of the youth panel where I had to give feedback on political party’s manifestos on how to improve youth unemployment.

Talent Match even wanted my help in being part of an employment panel for them to hire a new apprentice; all part of their goal to have a youth led approach to all that they do. They’ve even recommended me to the Lichfield festival team where I have been asked to film behind the scenes footage of local businesses preparing for the festival in July.

I love working as part of the team. They are really nice people and it really means a lot that they want to help me find paid work that’s based on my passion for filming, media, and helping and inspiring other people by promoting other services that wish to do the same and I hope that my passion has shown through in this video.

To find out more about Talent Match and how they can help you can check out their website. Please do have a look because they’re awesome and I’d love them to be able to help more people.

I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching.”


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