Terri’s Journey

Fun times for the Talent Match team a few weeks back as they joined in the kicking off of the Lichfield Festival on the 3rd with the Lichfield Festival’s Elephant Parade! Where a great number of elephants, (35 to be exact!), marched through the town centre for all to see and admire. Accompanied by an african tribe and drummers the elephants were truly a spectacle to behold.

Here’s Terri on display with her elephant friends outside the cathedral at the end of the parade.

Each elephant was wonderfully unique, and painted with great love and care by local schools and businesses….but among all those beautiful elephants; one in particular was a real eye-catcher. The elephant stealing everyone hearts of course was Talent Match’s very own butterfly beauty Terri! Surrounded by the Talent Match team who made her who she was, she made her journey through the bumpy cobbled road of the Lichfield town centre all the way to the cathedral.

But this is only a small insight to the journey of Terri.Behind the scenes in the weeks before the parade, Talent Match and its young people were hard at work preparing her for the festival. See, Terri didn’t always look this fabulous; in fact she came to us a total blank canvas.

The team posing with a rather blank looking Terri.

She was upset as she couldn’t find a job….But with the help of the Talent Match team and a group of young people, Terri found her inner confidence and transformed into a butterfly, ready to take on the world and find herself a job! Terri needed a lot of work done, to make her parade worthy. She had to be primed in a crisp white coating before anything else could be done to her. Once ready for her make-over the young people went over the designs they had made, to decide which one they felt was the most worthy of putting on Terri.

Terri receives her first splash of colour!
Terri receives her first splash of colour!

After some discussion, the butterfly design was chosen! So the young people then got to work on transferring their chosen design onto Terri in pencil. When that was done, the painting could begin, and the young people all got hard to work on making Terri look wonderful! Once Terri’s beautiful design was done, it was time to give her a coating of gloss. This was to ensure that Terri would stay nice and pristine no matter what weather conditions she may find herself in. Once she’d dried, she was complete, and ready for her debut at the parade! Lots of detail and care was put into Terri’s design and the young people are very proud of the work they’ve done. Terri herself is very appreciative of the transformation she had been given, and has never felt this full of confidence.

Getting closer to completion!
Getting closer to completion!

Of course before Terri was shipped off to await the Lichfield Festival’s Elephant Parade, she decided she wanted a taste of the Lichfield town, and went on a little adventure. Making stops at Salloways to buy a fancy new watch, having a cup of tea at 15onthecorner, and admiring a lovely bouquet at The Secret Garden!

A fabulous elephant needs an equally fabulous watch.
A fabulous elephant needs an equally fabulous watch.

After the parade was all said and done, Terri then went to her foster home, The Velvet Stag, where she was displayed in the window for people to find on the elephant trail. While Terri thoroughly enjoyed her time with The Velvet Stag, as the week came to an end, it was time to for Terri to move on… she was ready to be auctioned and find herself a new home!

Terri clearly stole the hearts of many at the elephant auction, as she went for a whopping £500! That combined with the The young people involved with Terri’s creation couldn’t be prouder of their creation, and they hope Terri’s new owner enjoys the company of their new friend.

Terri settling in at The Velvet Stag. Pondering what her her new owner will be like.

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