Don’t take OUR word for it – What our Young People say about us…

Without Talent Match where do you believe you would be?


“I’d still be on the dole”


“I made friends. I got a job,


it’s changed my life,

and I’m getting out there and feeling more confident…

It’s totally changed my life.”
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“If I hadn’t been involved with Talent Match I would be in a lesser place. The situation at home was affecting me … [TM] helped me to cope, not sure what I would have done without Talent Match.”


“Without Talent Match I would be in the cycle of dead end jobs it really is worthwhile being involved with TM”


“I would still be on my own, in my room playing computer games, I’d be on ESA now and not bothered about finding a job at all.”


“Without TM I wouldn’t be at college doing my childcare.”

“If I hadn’t been involved I’d still be stuck with Jobcentre, trying to get me into jobs that I can’t do. The last one was a receptionist, yes I could probably manage in the wheelchair but she took no account of my stammer.”

“I’m more accepting of who I am, I’m introvert, before I thought it was wrong but now I’m more accepting of not being social”


“I’m a member of the YAT, my confidence has increased, when I first started I was shy and stammered, I speak to people now.”

“We have our say through recruitment of staff, the procurement of training and we can help with workshops…”


YAT 26 (5)

“I have progressed really well; I thought it would take a lot longer.

I have a job and never expected to get one”

“Talent Match gave me the kick up the ass at the time I needed it!”


“At the beginning
I was really anxious about walking through the door…”
Our door is always open!!

“I’m a nicer person…I’ve become more independent as a person”

“I’m far more confident and happier, I know I am. I used to sit in a corner all the time on my own, I sometimes still need my corner but now I don’t hide under my snap back (hat) so much (I very rarely wear one now)”

“I’m work ready…on a scale of 1-10 in March I would have been about a 3 and now I’m closer to 8, I’m applying for work and I feel like I can cope with part time or full time work”

 entitled to

“The Jobcentre didn’t understand my needs… as soon as I met Talent Match they asked me about the challenges I faced and they tried to understand my needs first. I don’t need or want sympathy; I just want to be seen as me”

“I’ve got a job and it really means a lot to me”

“I’m calmer and stay out of trouble, I used to drink and get involved in fights. I make sure I am ok for work and punctual”

“The people at Talent Match are like a family, they help you out, they helped me get the job and really help me”

“I’m a lot more confident and I present myself better, I have motivation and drive which I didn’t have before.


“My mental health has improved, I was quite depressed…[TM] helped me and gave me someone to talk to”

“I’m in a job, I have learnt to deal with my anxiety better and I accept myself for who I am not what people expect me to be”


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