TMS Case Study- “The Art of Stanliness”

There are times when all of the development and growth achieved by our beneficiaries through their time and work with TMS comes together to become obvious for everyone to see. This was the case with Andrew Stanworth who went from being so nervous at his first meeting with his TMS Coach that he had to leave, to being able to deliver a lively, engaging and fun presentation to not one but two groups of people, in partnership with a member of staff.

Andrew greatly engaged with TMS’s Future You programme, a fun, engaging, team based learning opportunity for young adults to grow and develop their skills and awareness around many of modern life’s every day challenges. Having seen the difference the programme had made to Andrew, TMS approached him to assist in a presentation to a wider gathering of Talent Match regions to talk about this innovative training course. This involved attending planning meetings, assisting in writing his script so that it sounded authentic and reflecting on what had been included in the programme and being able to distil and explain what this had done for him.

This culminated in the ‘Art of Stanliness’ presentation to the Sheffield Talent Match conference, given to a room of roughly 20-30 Talent Match staff and beneficiaries, and it provided a fresh and amusing take on a subject that could all too easily sound ordinary, namely finding ways to engage with unemployed young adults.

Andrew particularly reflected on how TMS had been able to support him with everyday tasks that most take for granted, such as going shopping and having the confidence to engage with the member of staff on the till.

This presentation went down so well that Andrew was called upon again to step up and deliver ‘The Art of Stanliness’ at the TMS 5th Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony at Whitemore Lakes in November 2018. This time he was addressing a group closer to 100 people, a feat that many people would find simply impossible to even contemplate.

Andrew is a testament to the great outcomes that can be achieved by young adults who engage with TMS and its Future You programme, helping them to grow in confidence and develop other important life skills.


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