The elephant in the room

Talent Match is taking part in the Lichfield Festival baby elephant parade.

Lichfield Festival Elephant  (25)

Emily and Timon unwrap the new arrival

Local organisations have bought their elephants and will decorate them so that they can be auctioned off to help raise funds for their good causes. The Talent Match elephant’s design was created by members of the Youth Action Team committee and will be decorated by beneficiaries of the project.

Lichfield’s local wildlife has changed dramatically in recent years.

This is following the fantastic success in 2011 of the Pig Parade that the Lichfield Festival included in their 30th anniversary celebrations. The animals are cast in fibreglass resin with remarkable detail and weigh… well I’m not sure how much they weigh but I can tell you they ain’t light.

The elephant parade will be part of the festival’s opening celebrations on Friday 3rd of July and throughout the week of the festival people will be able to follow an elephant trail throughout the city. The auction will take place on Saturday 11th of July between 3pm-5pm. For more information about the elephant parade and the Lichfield festival please click the link below.




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