TMS Care Leaver- Bobbie

Bobbie is a young Care Leaver from Lichfield who has undergone quite a transformation over the past year.

Leaving care is often a big hurdle for Care Leavers as they suddenly lose parts of their support network, and are required to make a fast fluid transition to independent adult living. When TMS started supporting Bobbie, he was unemployed and adapting to life out of care.

Bobbie’s big break came when he was presented with a work experience opportunity at a recording studio in Burntwood. Bobbie has a big interest in music and so the opportunity was a natural fit, the placement lasted for 10 weeks with the possibility for an apprenticeship at the studio to follow. As of April 2019, Bobbie is now an apprentice at Neon Sound Studios, Burntwood, he is thoroughly enjoying his work and has built a great network of support around him.TMS Leaving Care- Bobbie

TMS is currently supporting Bobbie through our pioneering development programme for Care Leavers, “Future You”, a fun, engaging, team based learning opportunity for Care Leavers to grow and develop their skills and awareness around many of modern life’s every day challenges.



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