Trading for Good and the Future of CSR

The message has gone out loud and clear; CSR is good for business. More and more companies have come to realise that customers want more businesses to be ethical and to have an impact on more than just their own profits. Because of this the drive to operate more socially and ethically has increased and is slowly getting better all the time.

But sometimes it’s hard to know what it is your business can do to increase and improve upon it’s CSR targets. There are of course many different ways, such as providing regular work experience opportunities, reducing energy consumption, sharing profits with good causes or even just having a more positive attitude to hiring practices to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance. It could be that a company is already doing something that’s great but they want to maximise the social impact of their actions or diversify their CSR ambitions to include more good practices. After all, there’s nothing that says you can’t reduce energy consumption and have positive hiring practices.

5 Ways of Trading for Good

There is even now a digital platform, Trading for Good, that has been set up to support businesses to have a stronger approach to CSR as well as recording and sharing that information in a way that other people and businesses can see. It also offers advice, opportunities and incentives.

“[Trading for Good are] a unique digital service encouraging companies to do business in more socially responsible ways. Offering advice, opportunities and incentives, it’s free to join and it’s good for everyone.

There are numerous reasons to join, not least of all because it’s free, but also because it’s an excellent way to grow your business, particularly if you can get an edge over competitors who are slow to realise the potential of good CSR for business. There’s also the fact that it’s great promotion for a business as good CSR gains more and more recognition and as companies learn more about ethical business practices it increases their understanding of what else they can do. Far from being onerous or bad for business it can be cost effective and healthy for profits.

Trading for Good recently gained the backing of Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, which the platform to record their own CSR activities (I quickly checked and you can see the money they have raised, donations to charitable causes as well as some articles), and who promoted Trading for Good in their latest edition of Focus, their magazine for members.

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