What should my employer expect of me?

As we know, getting the job is one thing, but keeping it is another. Most employers understand the benefits of training and retaining staff but do we, as employees, understand how our behaviour can help us be a valuable worker and maintain our much wanted employment.

Talent Match Staffordshire top 5 tips on keeping a job

  1. Be flexible. Not in the touching your nose to the back of your knees type of way, but in showing to your employer that occasionally you can stay a bit later and finish that urgent deadline. If you are willing to do that bit more than is expected of you, your employer will never want to see you leave.
  1. Social media control. Admittedly we all love a bit of social media like Facebook or Twitter, but visiting it during work time for personal use is a definite no-go. After all, your employer is paying you to work…not to surf. Posting negative comments about work, or personal information about your colleagues isn’t going to win you any favours either and can be viewed as a breach of confidentiality.
  1. Sorry I’m late. Sometimes we can’t help that the train was delayed or that our car wouldn’t start but repeatedly turning up late for work won’t cut it at your new job. If you can’t help be late, make sure you let your employer know as soon as possible (when it is safe to do so) and offer to make back the time. As much as possible, be punctual, plan your journeys and personal responsibilities so that your boss can see how much you value the opportunity they have given you.
  1. Appropriate notice. Texting a colleague half way through the day to say you won’t be at work because you had a dentist appointment is not going to go down well with your employer. It is your responsibility and most likely company policy, to give as much notice as possible to your Line Manager for things like appointments and holiday leave so that suitable cover of your tasks can be arranged.
  1. Be a team player. A valuable employee is someone that knows the roles of their fellow workers and can support them in their tasks. Offering useful advice, sharing ideas and working together all show that you are a great team player. Also taking advantage of learning opportunities and new experiences will give you the extra skills to advance in your role so when they come along don’t avoid them – take part in them!

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