Youth Action Team – My experience

Hi my name is Matthew Gilbert and I have been volunteering with Talent Match for over 8 months, Talent Match is a nationally based Lottery funded organisation who’s aim is to get young people into work , education or training or get them into the right volunteering opportunities.

video-holder Talent Match is aimed at young people between the ages of 18-24 and is designed by young people for young people ,in order to achieve their aim Talent Match uses a series of steps or goals.  The first step is to meet your Peer Mentor , your own personal guide and expert who will discuss personal aims , problems and offer any constructive steps for you to take. This unique approach means you don’t feel ignored and are not passed from person to person , it is this feeling of being listened that makes Talent Match unique. Then together you will decide what is the best path for you to venture down , for example if you are interested in going into Teaching , talent match will help you contact the right people and tell you what training you will need to undertake. Talent Match operates all over the country and operates in my area of the west midlands in Lichfield , Cannock and Newcastle Under Lyme, each area presents its own challenges and it is the aim of Talent Match to solve these challenges , millions of young people all over this country leave school with no clue of what they are going to do or how they are going to do it , it is Talent Match’s aim to help these people with action and not to patronise or ignore the needs of young people. I am a part of the Youth Action Team and we meet on a regular basis and discuss the best course of action and how we can move forward , the team is made up of many different people from many different walks of life but with one key similarity, are age. Talent Match is designed for young people by young people so it is only right that a team of young people help steer the project. I have taken part and helped in all aspects of Talent Match from designing the content of our leaflets to co-interviewing a candidate for a Peer Mentor. I love the positive and ambitious atmosphere at YAT meetings and there is no such thing as an impossible idea , if it is a good idea the Talent Match coordinators will go out and make it happen , seeing your ideas come to life is a great feeling.    

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