Youth Employment Convention 2015

24th November 2015

The Mermaid, London 


Youth employment figures are on the rise but there is a danger in complacency. NEETs and young people without qualifications are at risk of being left behind as the economy recovers. Young people are more likely than other groups to be employed on non-standard employment contracts without access to training and to be in insecure and part-time work. Their lack of skills holds them back and disadvantages their employment prospects over time. They aren’t as productive as they should be, now or over time. This is a potential “perfect storm” with severe economic and social ramifications. Addressing these issues now will lead to a significant, positive, impact for individual young people, their communities and for the long term prosperity of UK plc.

The programme will revolve around five themes

  • Transitioning to work – How do young people move into employment most successfully? Who and where are the exemplars?
  • Supporting the disadvantaged – How do we ensure coordinated support for young people with multiple and complex needs?
  • The skills we need – What soft and technical skills do young people need to succeed in the world of work and how are they delivered most effectively?
  • Employer engagement – From classroom, through work experience to Apprenticeship employer involvement is critical. How, when and where does it have most impact and how can these interventions be scaled up?
  • Joining up strategy around the individual – Where is the best practice from inside and outside government in local and national settings? How do we share this?SEE DRAFT PROGRAMME
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