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Youth employment isn’t an issue to be discussed and decided by politicians and businesses alone. It has become clear that in these changing times the young people that are the target of this focus must also be involved and encouraged to be engaged so that they can have a hand in creating their future, rather than have it handed down to them.

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About the summit

The Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion (Inclusion) and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) have joined forces to bring you the Youth Employment Summit.

With the General Election looming, the political parties are making their pitch to get the votes of those who are yet to make up their minds – the swayable voters; the “undecided” and those who may not currently be planning to vote at all. A recent survey by Populus suggests that up to three million young people have not yet decided how to vote, and that young voters may hold the keys to Downing Street.

Despite improvements since the recession, the jobs market remains tough for young people … and it has got a little tougher since last summer.

There are now 740,000 unemployed young people. Young workers have been the biggest victims of the reduction in living standards with a 10% fall in weekly earnings since 2008 – the largest drop of all age groups.

What are the jobs and wages prospects for young people? How confident are young people? What are the parties offering and what is needed?

Labour’s is offering a Job Guarantee with training; the Conservatives an additional 1 million apprenticeships and both will reform welfare benefits for young people.

The Youth Employment Summit is an opportunity to hear and debate a range of ideas aimed at increasing youth employment, ending youth long-term unemployment, and support for the most disadvantaged young people.

Our special Youth Panel for the Summit will assess the proposals pitched to them by a mix of organisations. Showcase sessions will also enable you to meet organisations working for young people.

The summit is taking place on Wednesday, 22 April at the Innovation Loft in London.  The website for booking registration is now live and can be accessed here. If you have an interest in youth employment, either as a young person looking for work or as a business with an eye to the staff you want and need in the future then make sure to fill out the registration and take part in this exciting event.

You can download a copy of the agenda by clicking this link: Youth Employment Summit Agenda

For all of this and complete details about what’s going to take place then check out the website at





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